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SpacerCOMBAT JETS Specifications

Spacer Summary:
Combat Jets includes over 1,800 clip-art images featuring a special collection of aircraft images from the first operational fighter to the F-117 Stealth, special effects, props, scenes, and backgrounds. What makes the Combat Jet's collection of aircraft unique is the concept of Flex-ART: drop fuel pods, fire cannons, missiles and release bombs, aircraft that are modular in design and can be easily altered for different presentations. Add canon, machine gun and rocket fire. Recreate historic air battles combining explosions, flak, and bomb bursts set against backdrops of land, sea and sky.

Combat Jets combines powerful drawing and editing features in an simple, intuitive interface. The On-Line Help facility and Tutorials lead you through the creation of art work using the drawing tools, fonts, clip art and backgrounds. A continuously-updated Hint Line identifies whatever the cursor passes over and lists the options available; just point on an item and read the hint line or press F1 for popup Help.

Preview of files through thumbnail images and brief descriptions
Drag/Drop file management through Windows
Intuitive object selection
Hint Line provides continuous help
Multiple view levels -- stepless zoom ratio of 80:1
Edit in full color or wire frame
Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) supported
Import (PIC, TIF, TXT, WMF, BMP)
Push-pin menus to create customized layouts

Clip Art and Drawing Tools
Clip-Art Manager with Thumbnail images,
Drag & Drop clip art (OLE supported)
Over 1,800 award-winning art forms and clip-art images
Line and Bezier curve drawing tools
Advanced curve editing tools
Snap to points and close shape command

Activity Manager
Coloring Book Pages
Greeting Cards
Text Effects

Fonts & Font Manager
300 Postscript and 300 TrueType fonts
Custom kerned up to 400 pairs per font plus hinting
Install and uninstall fonts on-the-fly
Copy, find and delete fonts
Print specimen sheets and font catalogs

Color and Object Management
Color mixing
Proportional sizing from the center of an object
Vector and raster fills
Gradient fills
Selection within a grouped object
Precision alignment of objects Size/Rotate objects
Slant objects

Technical Support and Tutorials
Free technical support
On-line Help
Step-by-step Instructional Tutorial (CD-ROM)