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Visitors are frequently curious regarding the programs that I use in creating my graphics. Many visitors are surprised when I tell them the names of the programs, as they use the same program(s). They often advise that they can not obtain the results that are displayed on the Gold WebPage.

Most of us have a tendency of buying more and more programs in an attempt of improving our graphics. The truth is that most graphic software will produce outstanding graphic results, BUT to get to where we want to be... we MUST MASTER the software. The instructions that we receive in the program's HELP directory, is only a starting point. I attempt to push my software to its limit by attempting to create as many different effects that my mind can conceive. When I get a new graphic idea, I can not wait until I can attempt to create my idea with my software.

I use several graphic programs in making the finished graphic. I often begin with one program completing the basic image and then transfer the image to a couple of other programs to complete the final graphic. I use Micrografx Picture Publisher 7, Microsoft Image Composer 1.5, Micrografx Simply 3D, Arts & Letters Express, and ULead Animator 3 to create my graphics.

The above graphic (created with Macromedia Flash) shows that when we purchase an expensive graphic program and then fail to gain a good working knowledge of its capabilities... we are only using ONE of its MANY wonderful artistic abilities.